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Concrete is one of the most durable materials on the market, but it isn’t impervious to the effects of water and age. Driveway issues can develop that could compromise its integrity and cause further damage. The following guide highlights a few common reasons you might need concrete repairs.

What Are Some Common Issues With Concrete?

1. Cracks

During colder weather, freezing and thawing can cause minor cracks in any concrete slab’s surface. In addition, vehicle traffic can impact the material. Surface cracks can also occur when new, wet concrete is poured over an existing slab and shrinks. Any fissures are usually only a few millimeters wide and can usually be filled with additional concrete.

Deeper structural cracks more than a quarter of an inch wide may extend all the way through the slab. If the damage reaches the subgrade underneath, professionals may need to remove and replace the entire structure.

2. Disintegration & Scaling

Improper installation or poor drainage can cause portions of a concrete surface to deteriorate over time. Scaling occurs when the surface flakes away, exposing the aggregate underneath to water and accelerating the damage. In more serious cases, several inches of concrete may crumble away and even expose the steel reinforcement.

Unfortunately, attempting to patch disintegrating concrete usually won’t be successful. In most cases, a contractor will have to demolish the affected material and replace it with new concrete.

3. Crazing

Mistakes in the installation process can also result in crazing, a network of fine lines across the concrete’s surface. Crazing usually won’t affect the concrete’s stability, but it can ruin the surface’s aesthetic appeal.

In some cases, a layer of epoxy paint can conceal any imperfections without the need for extensive concrete repairs. However, this tactic might make the problem more noticeable, in which case your contractor may have to add a new layer of concrete.

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