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Take a drive around your area, and you’re sure to see retaining walls used in landscaping. Some serve an aesthetic purpose, while others are functional. It’s a popular, versatile form of stonework ideal if you’re rethinking your property’s layout or want to beautify certain areas. Below are answers to common questions to help you decide if a retaining wall is right for you.

Questions About Retaining Walls, Answered

Why do I need a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are often used to solve a problem. If you’re at the base of a slope, there can be concerns about landslides, flooding, and erosion from runoff. Retaining walls support the grade and can redirect rainwater so it’s no longer a threat to your property. They also help create flat, usable space by holding back grades.

What are the benefits?

Aside from preserving parts of your home and property, retaining walls also create character and opportunity. The beautiful stonework blends in well with lush landscaping. You’ll also have more space for projects. Expand a stone patio in the backyard, build an outdoor kitchen, or create an elevated vegetable garden above the retaining wall.

What materials are used?

Concrete blocks are the most common material for this form of stonework. They’re readily available, come in countless shapes and colors, and are easy to stack. They’re also durable. Alternatively, professionals may offer poured concrete, which is stronger though more complicated to install. If you have a higher budget, stone veneers are an attractive alternative. Brick is popular as well and must be carefully laid by stonework professionals to ensure it remains strong.

How tall can a retaining wall be?

Generally, retaining walls can be as high as 10 feet, depending on the project. However, you’ll need to check with your local city office. You’ll usually need to secure a permit for any wall over 3 feet so you can avoid violations. You’ll also need to consult an engineer. The taller a retaining wall, the more likely it is to tip over if it isn’t anchored properly.

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