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A chimney is a beautiful and useful feature of a home. However, over time, chimneys can develop a variety of issues that require repairs. Understanding signs of needed masonry work can save you from more significant problems down the line.

5 Types of Issues that Require Chimney Repairs

1. Creosote Build-Up

Whenever any fire is made, the smoke that goes up the chimney passage leaves a residue coating. This coating is known as creosote and will build up over time. When the layer of residue becomes too thick, it can cause chimney fires. The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your chimney inspected at least once a year. 

2. Cracked Bricks

While some cracking of chimney bricks is expected over time, there is a point where too much damage will compromise the integrity of the structure. In these situations, masonry work is needed to replace any bricks that are in danger of crumbling or collapsing. For more minor damage, patching can be done to help preserve the safety of the structure.

3. Chimney Flue Issues

The flue, or lining of the chimney, can be difficult to examine without the help of professional equipment. During an inspection, your chimney contractor will be able to tell if there are any cracks, holes, or other problems.

4. Obstructions Inside the Chimney

Occasionally, a chimney may become blocked which can lead to chimney fires or smoke issues. This can be due to creosote buildup, but it can also be caused by animals who have built a nest inside the chimney, objects that have fallen inside, or other damage. 

5. Damaged Mortar

Mortar serves as the primary protection for your chimney because it keeps the bricks or stones of your chimney held together properly and helps to ensure that no moisture is allowed inside. When mortar gets cracked or broken, then schedule masonry work to repair it as soon as possible.

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