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Concrete’s durability makes it an ideal choice for many construction applications, but many homeowners are surprised to learn how susceptible it is to water damage. Concrete is a porous material, meaning that it can absorb water naturally, but water can also infiltrate via cracks or joints that are not properly installed. This can lead to a wet basement and serious damage to the structural elements of your home. Investing in concrete waterproofing can protect your home from damage.

Why Homes Need Concrete Waterproofing 

The primary purpose of concrete waterproofing is to extend its lifespan. Concrete is inherently durable, but when it’s exposed to water — especially over a long period — it can deteriorate. Eventually, this can lead to structural weakness and a complete breakdown.

A concrete foundation can be exposed to water in several ways. For starters, foundations are typically built below grade. Even with proper drainage, the walls are exposed to moisture, especially in areas with a high water table. Over time, moisture can seep in through the concrete, causing the all-too-familiar damp basement. But over time, moisture in the concrete walls or floor can cause deterioration of both the material itself and any steel structural supports embedded in it. 

Cracks and defects in the concrete can also allow moisture in. Any number of things can cause cracks in concrete, from shifting soil around the foundation to frost damage to construction vibrations. Even tiny cracks can allow water to seep in, but concrete waterproofing helps correct these defects and keep the water out. 

The Benefits of Concrete Waterproofing 

Investing in concrete waterproofing protects your home against  moisture damage. Over time, moisture from the concrete foundation can seep into other structural elements, causing water damage to floors, walls, and insulation, causing additional problems. Not only will moisture cause rot, but it supports mold growth that can potentially cause health problems for your family. Mold also contributes to structural deterioration, as the spores feed on organic materials like wood. 

Concrete waterproofing is especially important if you plan to finish the basement — or even maintain usable space. In fact, waterproofing is typically a key aspect of any basement remodeling project. And over the long term, concrete waterproofing will save money by preventing the damage that excess moisture can cause and ensures a safer and more comfortable home. 

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