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Maintaining brick is an important part of keeping your property in great condition. When masonry falls into disrepair, it can lead to problems like water damage, pests, and more – and that’s not to mention how unsightly it can look. Thankfully, by following these simple Do’s and Don’ts, you can ensure the stonework at your home looks great for many years to come. Here they are:


Inspect it annually.

Be sure to check for cracks, chips, or other damage. If you find any damage, repair it as soon as possible so it doesn’t worsen. Staying on top of this will allow you to catch problems early, when they are still easy and affordable to fix.

Clean it regularly.

Dirt and grime can build up on your brick work, making it harder to see damage and making it look unkempt and ugly. This will not only ensure it looks good, it will also help it last longer by preventing dirt and grime from wearing down the stone.

Seal it periodically.

Sealing your brick work will help protect it from water damage, stains, and other problems. Consider sealing your masonry every few years. This will give it the lasting protection it needs to stand up to the ravages of time.


Ignore small cracks or chips.

Even if they don’t seem like a big deal, small flaws like this can quickly turn into bigger problems. Small cracks will expand with time, thanks to water and dirt intrusion, and that can then lead to water damage and structural issues.

Use harsh chemicals to clean it.

Harsh chemicals can damage brick work, making it more susceptible to cracks, flaking, and other damage. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution to clean your stonework, and a bristle brush to sweep away dirt and debris.

Forget to seal around doors and windows.

If brick is a part of your home’s structure, be sure you seal around any doors and windows. These are areas where water can seep in and cause damage, so a good seal is an essential part of maintaining a safe, healthy home environment for you and your family.

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