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Retaining walls are a type of brickwork that can help add aesthetic value and damage control to a property. Homes or businesses with uneven elevation on the property can use a retaining wall to help reduce shifts in the landscape, while those without can add one to boost curb appeal. To help you better understand this masonry, consider some of the most commonly asked questions about retaining walls.

A Brief Guide to Retaining Walls

What are the benefits of installing a retaining wall? 

Retaining walls provide several benefits for both homes and businesses. First, they can add a layer of protection to exposed residential basements. Without them, the soil surrounding these types of entryways can erode over time and lead to structural damage. Any property that sits either on top of or below steep hills benefits from the added structural support retaining walls provide. Brickwork can be placed strategically to optimize form and function. 

Should I add a fence to the retaining wall?

Some property owners want to add a fence to their property but aren’t sure if the retaining wall will cause an issue. However, adding a fence is actually a great way to avoid accidents, especially if you have a particularly high wall. If you have children or pets, a fence will add a degree of safety and will not damage or cause problems with the retaining wall itself. Shorter additions don’t need one, but you can always add one if you’d like. 

Does the location affect the design of the wall?

Yes; the location of your home, the slope, and where you want the wall all have an affect on the overall design. This is especially true with regard to the height of the wall. Some walls only need to be a few feet in order to level your property, while those on commercial properties can reach up to 40 feet. However, you can still choose professional-approved materials and even various colors and styles to complement your property. 

How does my soil affect the retaining wall?

The soil is another factor that will affect the overall design of your wall. Based on its strength, you may need additional reinforcement. The higher the soil’s granular level, the more reinforced the wall will be. However, regardless of the type of soil, your brickwork professional will be able to help you choose the right option for your property. 

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