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Concrete may be a strong and reliable building material, but even the toughest materials have their vulnerabilities. When exposed to moisture, concrete can become damaged, leading to unsightly cracks, spalling, and even structural issues. Protect your concrete with our expert concrete waterproofing services and shield your concrete from these common threats.

How Moisture Damages Concrete

1. Cracks and Chips: These imperfections may seem small, but they provide an entry point for damaging moisture. Moisture intrusion activates the harmful effects of sulfates in water, weakening the concrete over time. This can lead to deeper cracks, compromising the structural integrity of your foundation, walkways, patio, or retaining walls. Oberer Construction’s waterproofing solutions effectively seal cracks and chips, preventing moisture-induced damage and ensuring long-lasting concrete strength.

2. Spalling: If you notice your concrete flaking away, you’re likely witnessing “spalling.” This occurs when moisture penetrates the porous concrete, freezes during cold months, and expands, causing the concrete to break apart. Left unchecked, spalling can significantly affect the aesthetics and functionality of your concrete structures. Oberer Construction’s waterproofing solutions act as a barrier against moisture, preventing spalling and maintaining the beauty and structural integrity of your concrete surfaces.

3. Steel Corrosion: While steel rods reinforce concrete, they’re susceptible to rust and corrosion from moisture and oxygen. Over time, the protective coating provided by free lime in concrete deteriorates, exposing the steel to rust-inducing elements. This can lead to weakened concrete structures and even structural collapse. Oberer Construction’s waterproofing solutions help protect your concrete from moisture and create a barrier against rust, safeguarding the integrity of your reinforced concrete structures.

Don’t let moisture damage your valuable concrete investments. At Oberer Construction, we provide comprehensive concrete waterproofing services to protect your property and ensure the longevity of your concrete structures. Contact us today for a free consultation and let our expertise shield your concrete from the damaging effects of moisture.

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