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You might already know that the brick masonry in and around your home needs regular care and maintenance to stay in good shape, but did you know that tuckpointing brick is an important part of that upkeep? Over time, as the brick deals with extreme weather, heat exposure, and excessive moisture, the mortar joints can wear out and require repairs. By tuckpointing, new mortar is added between the bricks to reinforce the masonry. Keep reading to learn more about tuckpointing brick, its benefits, and how to know when you need it.

The Process of Tuckpointing

The goal of tuckpointing is to remove some of the crumbling mortar and add fresh mortar to keep the wall strong. With an angle grinder, about one inch of the mortar is removed. Next, the dust and debris is brushed away with either a masonry brush or a high-pressure air nozzle. Once the new mortar is dyed to match the existing brick color, it is applied in the joints and smoothed over. As it begins to harden, a straightedge and a tuckpointing tool are used to scrape out straight lines in the new mortar. 

What are the Benefits of it?

Tuckpointing is used to prevent the mortar joints between the bricks from corroding and disintegrating. You can imagine, if that were to happen, the brick wall would collapse. Therefore, tuckpointing will keep the masonry work in good shape for much longer than it would without it. Without this process, water could seep into the crumbling mortar, and cause water damage and mold growth inside the wall. Brick and stone that is taken care of with tuckpointing will remain strong. 

Signs You Need It

Most masonry only requires tuckpointing about once every 25 years. By regularly inspecting the masonry work around your home, you can spot signs of damage that need tuckpointing repair. Look for a whitish substance on the surface, holes or gaps in the mortar, or any cracks. Most of the time, signs that you need tuckpointing will be visible, but you need to look closely and carefully. Even small cracks or holes can quickly turn into worse, more costly damage.

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