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Chimney Restoration

chimney restoration and chimney repair job near church

CHimney Restoration service

Breathe New Life into Your Chimney: Oberer Construction's Chimney Restoration Services

For over 45 years, Oberer Construction has been synonymous with excellence in masonry and concrete repair throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Our expertise extends beyond brickwork and foundations, encompassing the restoration and repair of your cherished chimney, the heart and soul of your home’s warmth and ambiance.

Preserving Your Home’s Legacy

A well-maintained chimney safeguards your home from potential fire hazards and ensures optimal efficiency for your fireplace. However, over time, even the sturdiest chimney can succumb to the elements, resulting in cracks, leaks, and deterioration.


Chimneys are a key component of any home, and just like other major exterior features such as windows and siding, they can become worn over time. Brick and mortar, despite its durability, is not immune to the harsh weather conditions that can affect Ohio and the entire tri-state region.
chimney restoration service between roof
chimney restoration and chimney repair job near church


No matter what kind of chimney repair you need, our professional masons can handle it all.

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