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Whether it’s rainy weather or plumbing leaks, water can be your home foundation’s enemy. Cracks in the underground slab create openings for moisture to seep in and cause mold, mildew, and damage to floors, walls, and personal property items. This is where professional concrete waterproofing can provide a durable barrier to keep your residence dry, safe, and stabilized. Here are several benefits of having the protective procedure implemented. 

How Waterproofing Safeguards Your Home’s Foundation

1. Fortifies Basement Against Flooding

The basement is likely the most vulnerable room in a house to flooding due to its proximity to underground pipes and the home’s foundation. When installed by a licensed contractor, concrete waterproofing adds extra layers of protective materials to not only fortify the basement but the exterior foundation against water infiltration.  

2. Helps Minimize Structural Damage

A weakened foundation can lead to damaged joints and edges where a home’s flooring and walls connect. If not repaired, the fissures may cause these interior structures to buckle and warp. The property’s entire integrity can create an unsafe environment to live in. Professional concrete waterproofing will help completely secure the foundation’s joints and edges to keep water seepage from causing structural damage. 

3. Supports Remodeling Projects

Before starting any major home remodeling project such as adding another bedroom or expanding an existing kitchen, construction on a flimsy foundation can create future problems. If the structure is not repaired or fortified against water infiltration, your remodel, including new flooring, carpet, cabinets, and furniture, is susceptible to water damage and mold. Concrete waterproofing is designed to add a strong and supportive barrier against flooding so that your newly-renovated space is protected for the long term.

4. Creates a Healthier Environment

If you or loved ones in your home have allergies, trapped water and excessive moisture can lead to mold and mildew — common triggers for allergy attacks. Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and breathing problems are the unpleasant and unhealthy outcomes. Enlisting the services of a concrete waterproofing company will help seal off cracks so that water won’t penetrate the property’s foundation. 

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